Who I am and who I am not.

Who I am and who I am not.

Well,  this is a universal question that at one point in time most of us will ask ourselves.

I teach Dylan this:  “it’s what you do that makes you who you are”

why is it OK for someone to say you are something your not?   It’s not!  If the boy scouts came along and said we made you a member of the boy scouts and you said you didn’t wish to be a member, the can’t say we made you one anyway.

It’s something you have to accept.   So i write this because in the following video we find the nice woman uses the words Catch All.  Catch all sounds to me like a fishing net that trolls the sea and catches every fish and other sea creatures in it.

Most of all i post write this post to clear up any conjecture about who i am by making it clear who i am not.   On and for the record i am not this and never have been ridiculous stereo type:

Who every you are lady your Catch all idea has stigmatized a lot of good people, wrongfully.

To be continued  . . .

If you like to know more about what I have done that makes me who i am Click Here


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