The Therapeutic State: Charges reinstated against Maryanne Godboldo

The Therapeutic State: Charges reinstated against Maryanne Godboldo

If you have not heard of Maryanne Godboldo, you should get acquainted. 

She is a mother that did not want to give her child anti-psychotic drugs, and thereby became an enemy of the state. Millions of children are prescribed these dangerous drugs, but they have not been approved by the FDA for use in children, or tested on them.  

After an epic court battle involving criminal charges and child protective services involvement, she and her attorney got them dropped. But now, the state ogres are back, and have reinstated the charges. See the video above. 

For some history, the Dept. of Human Services called in a SWAT team to take her child from her home, while the mother held them off in a ten-hour siege. Look at this video:

I commend every reader to the great organization who has been fighting this battle on behalf of parents, and who coined the term, “The Therapeutic State”, This is the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, based in California. 

Here is a video of them honoring Maryanne Godboldo for her courage in her fight against the government on behalf of her child, to stop the state from drugging her:

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