The Reason for This Blog . . .

The Reason for This Blog . . .

What’s life’s journey without self-improvement, reflection, observations and learning?  There is so much we accept and so little we know.   It reminds me of the last thing I said to Dylan.  Life is an adventure and never forget who you are.   Then I asked him, do you know who you are?  He replied: “I am my father’s property”.   I think it was the most intelligent thing I ever hear a little boy say.

The truth is,  I am my son’s property.   I’d say mathematically it works out pretty well this way as we are proper to each other. =

Dylan,  I love you so much and I am so sorry I allowed this to happen.   You don’t deserve it and you are innocent and no matter how much I try to protect you from it, seems it was inevitable.   I’m writing this because, if by chance you ever read it before I see you to tell you to your face again,  then you’ll know.   There has not been a single day that’s gone by that I have not been trying to put this right for us.   As much as want to and could say about others right now  ‘~ (aposiopesis)

There are many sad truths we ignore in our life for many reasons.  one such truth is a lesser evil for a greater good.   Believe it or not, there are those who exploit such ideas.   It’s up to us to rise above and be bigger than ourselves to overcome and prevail with compassion, love, and consideration for yourself and then others.  But herein we arrive at an inner conflict and I want you to think about it.

I’ve always fashioned myself a problem solver but your Mom has taught me that there are some problems that can’t be solved.  Never stopped me from trying, though.   As much as i am not a creative writer,  I’ll write this blog,  maybe I’ll become a better writer but that’s not why I’ll do it.   I hope by sharing what I am learning and observing at great cost to us maybe and hopefully, the answer to redress will present itself.

Maybe others can learn from my suffering reflections and observations so they won’t have too.  Maybe someday we’ll be able to make sense of all this.   Let’s hope and pray sooner rather than later.

God only knows!


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