System Of Lies and Child Trafficking

System Of Lies and Child Trafficking

A System of Lies & Child Trafficking

System of lies from Gina Silva on Vimeo.

Clearly this is happening all over the world as every day i find more horror stories just like this and I am living in one right now. 

Child Protective Service in Commonwealth of Massachusetts  is out of Control! 

Shawn McMillian Nuts and Bolts CPS Lawsuit

Let’s Examine this Story . . . 

The Police Say with Guns ready: I am going to Grab your Baby and don’t resist and don’t fight me, okay? 

The reporter says: Without a court order,

The reporter says: Social Workers Lie, …. and even fabricate Evidence, 

 So how do Police and Social Workers get away with storming someones home and taking their baby? 

 Hold on for the answer . . . . You may find it hard to believe. . . . . .

The woman said: “You just walked into a court of Law, lied and cost me my children”  Sorry lady it’s not a court of law. . . 

The reporter said: “The Judge took away kids based on social workers Testimony”   

The reporter said: The Jury Found, the Social workers lied and acted with Malice, gave children back but years passed in the courts 

So we find that a Jury of 12 normal every day people can logically conclude that Social Workers Lied, acted with Malice, fabricated evidence

but A Judge who has a law degree and holds and honorable office could not make the same determination as the Jury to come to the proper conclusion?  Why?

Do we see this happen often?  YES!   All the time, YES!  Keep reading and I’ll show you why. 

Reporter says: appellate court warned Regan’s Misconduct was not an isolated incident . . .  YET THE SOCIAL WORKER AND BOSS STILL DENY IT?

Reporter says: Law Suit’s against other social workers are stacking up.  What do you expect is going to happen? Big Surprise there! 

One Woman Says: When you have your own country and your government turn against you in this manner it hits you to your core… 

I am going to tell you what you probably don‘t know:  THEY ARE NOT YOUR GOVERNMENT AND NEVER WERE

So how is that possible?  

It’s very possible because from the onset you’ve been lied to and if you think you have not– you’re lining to yourself. 

The only thing you should understand is this fact.  Just as the title of the video– A System Of Lie’s.  The word system implies a design and I hate that title because it’s overwhelmingly obvious and true when you look at the evidence i’ll show here now. 

One thing is with any lie we know that after the first one all the rest are simply stacking on top of a pile of absurdities. 

You’ve been led to believe that you are attending a public impartial hearing or court and that’s is false.  You think that your freedom and human rights are bing upheld but that’s anything but the truth.  In Fact,  You are contracting in to a private company involved in the slave trade with private employee’s, private judges, private trials, private counsel and in a private association foreign to what you believe to be Government.   All these people and their private industry, private clerks, private medial staff, private security, Polic[y] enforcers, private courts, why do you think they are called Agencies?  Lie’s from the beginning to the end set up by design to plunder and pillage American People.  

  Article 10 U.D.H.R  – Human Rights is clear and absolute that all Human Beings have the right to a public hearing and impartial tribunal. 3 judges not 1. This is all true about what we understand to be the same as Due Process mostly.  Also, Public/Private they are not the same. The private courts are following a private agenda Making boat loads of Money and i assure you that it’s not inclusive of your rights but very much based upon fabrication and lies. 

Lies can never equal justice it is simply an impossibility. 

Here is all the proof you’ll ever Need: 

Look up the business listing for any court or agency or what you believe to be government anywhere in the world: 

I took the time to look up the following and look at the facts i found:

The Department Of Children and Families is a Privately Held Company  – PRIVATE AGENCY

For the record: Privately Held company does not equal Government and cannot.

Here is how it unfolds in concert  . . . 

So private, for profit Agency DCF contacts Who? A Private Security Force:

Winchester Police is a Privately Held Company in a Privately Held Town as well as all of them are 

This private security force launches a man hunt and will take your baby by threat of lethal force and for whom

the private agency; once they do they fabricate lies and false allegations drag you in to a private court, 

Cambridge District Juvenal Court is a Privately Held Company established 2013 with private clerks and private judges

The private court then conducts a private trial while supporting private extortion and trespassing upon your Human Rights

where they also give you private legal counsel free of charge and all of these private company people working together against your rights

using a private administrative process to steal your intangible property and destroy your family. 

For the record: Privately Held court, company does not and cannot equal a public tribunal

Just remember that your Human Rights are Absolute and bestowed by virtue of your Humanity 

oh and by the way the county court is also privately held

Middlesex County Framingham is a privately held company and there you have it. 

For the record: Privately Held company does not and cannot equal a public tribunal

The private court proceeds and robs you of your rights, property, freedom,  while private agency robs you of your baby; 

while private security threaten your life,  all for money and profit and all of this under the guise of public protection  

There is a name for all this. . . .  Wait for it, 


 -I rest my case – 

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