Statism is Slavery . . . Humm . . . i wonder

Statism is Slavery . . . Humm . . . i wonder

Seeing things for the first time and seeing things for what they really are is enlightening and that’s not alway a good thing  but it is important to ponder and reflect upon things as self-aware and determined people.  The narrator in this video has an extreme point of view and it is conjecture as i see it.  So  I don’t agree exactly with the narrators point of  view and it’s not representative of my own but i can see why he has established this and how it has merit.  I am a living example of what he is saying so there is some truth to it.

 he’s free to have this point of view and I would say that Statism is not slavery, sad truth is,  it’s voluntary, contractual and consensual and thats really very sad.  i think that’s the point he’s making in this video.  Fool me onece . . . fool me twice  . . . you get it.    This is an excellent, thought provoking,  video and he makes some very good points.  Statism is based upon this the idea that Might is Right and that is sharply opposed to the idea’s of Equality.   However, slavery  is involuntary and YES it is true when someone holds a gun to your head and says dance, you’re acting like a slave if you want to live.

Statism is not that but statism is a convention of organic ideas much like communism and or socialism, simple for a majority or group who agree or have agreed to give power to a group by offering control of their life and property.   Someone once said what we create to serve use we ultimately serve it.   That’s a paradox but within the ideas of mutuality, it’s true.   The problem today leading us into the idea of statism is the idea that Might is Right.    See without legitimate  justification Might is never Right.   It’s Evil.

  I am not saying he is wrong to say that the use of force, coercion, extortion and such is not run rampet on America.  Truly,  if it’s not voluntary as  the author puts it and in fact, slavery i am sorry but humanity is doomed to destroy its own freedom voluntarily.   We should really learn from history or we will repeat it.

In principal I don’t accept that idea of Statism because i am American and it go’s against Freedom if imposed by force.  I believe in equality.  This is a miss-truth to say statism is slavery it’s not it’s by consent even if consent is by force it’s under duress and still consentual,  you don’t know until you know.

My fellow man is not evil because he wishes to be a communist but he is evil if he attempt to force me to be.   Years ago during world war two this was called neo-socialism and or Nazi-ism but not slavery, rather patriotic ideology.   Yes the wrong kind of patriotism is evil and bad and wrong and Americans have stood up for Freedom of this kind of oppression an subjugation  all through history from what I understand.  We would be dammed if we accept Statism here imposed upon our Freedom.   That’s like a contradiction in terms.

I do  believe in the non aggression principal and perhaps Statism as an ideology is a kind slavery but more by way, for most, hegemony that they are just unaware of the connections,  so realize and don’t be afraid.   This idea can only continue with your participation.  God bless everyone and there is an idea in Aikido that: that if you strike first you have already lost in spirit.  The road to peace begins with you – Morihei Ueshiba

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