Stand Up – Fathers, Dads, Mothers, Moms, Stand Up, Together for our Sons and Daughters everywhere

Stand Up – Fathers, Dads, Mothers, Moms, Stand Up, Together for our Sons and Daughters everywhere


I used to have a piece of paper of my wall next to the QUESTION AUTHORITY sign that read:  if you don’t Stand for something  you will Fall for everything.   Standing  in principal for right reason, good cause, is not being selfish and its not even a question of selflessness or selfishness.   The idea of Principal in and of it self take Standing Up for Something out of the realm of Selfishness altogether.  Of course,  if that principle be rights and equality.  There are things that are worth fighting for.      Its a question of who has the right to put you in a position, demand performance by the threat of force, extortion and coercion.

When we stand up it’s not the high road or the easy way but some how we do it anyway.  That’s not really a selfish idea.  So if you have the courage to stand with me I will sand by you and our sons and daughters all the better for it as they stand with us.  Also, when we STAND for the principal of Freedom we Don’t stand for the likes of tyrants.


We may as well put it like this.  Stand for freedom don’t stand for Tyrants.

There is no Law which compels performance.  Contract and commerce, dominance is by way of acceptance and offer,  except in the case of fraud and deception and that’s the case a lot.   Fear is not the answer.  We are mostly afraid within our life for the well being of our family and especially our sons and daughters.  So what do we do:  it’s obvious, to so many who have all done what we do.  Care to guess?   What do we do?   We accept a lessor of two evils.  TWO EVILS –  So we accept evil then justify that it was good to accept evil.   do that not make us evil?

I SAID I STAND NOT UNDERSTAND.   This is a weapon used in a silent war the idea comes our of  Game theory

In game theory this scenario is commonly known as the no-win situation, and as such refers to the necessarily unavoidable decision between one outcome or the other; as well as the losses of whatsoever value therein.

So we relent, submit, give in to EVIL and we are justified to then Judge and condemn those who do not understand but rather, STAND!   I will not judge you for the choice to submit to Evil for the love of family.  I will only judge those who had the Balls to think they had the right to present you with the Choice in the first place.  They had no such right!  There is no such law!  They serve Evil.    You Mom and Dad i do find to be heartfelt and thoughtful, I do.  That’s not how I am.   No self-respecting Father or Mother should ever have to be put into this position,  that’s what I say.

I reference Yoda.  How did the Sith get Revenge and destroy the Jedi?  Anakin’s fear of loss.  Game over!

We have been taught and conditioned to think the Law compels.  It does not!   Law is very simple.  Law is about equality(right reason).

All our equal before the Law and that is what we often fail to remember.  So i remind myself of this.  Enjoy this Video and do not be afraid to stand for equality and freedom.   HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU ALL AND reach out sometime:  [email protected]

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