Aug 23rd, 2014
Someone from Leominster, MA writes:

My child was taken from my custody because I was arrested and I understand she needed to be placed into a home. i thank GOD she is with my grandmother, however, I have done every thing humanly possible to get help for my self and I cannot even call my child’s teacher to see her progess in school. I can only see her once a week for one hour at the DCF office, which has a 4 foot by 4 foot room. My child who has ADHD, cannot stand that room. She cries to come home all the time. They even let her father have a visit with her and he hasnt been in her life for 3 years and no child support! But my mother, my father, and brother have yet to be cleared because the department is not working on the paperwork and they are taking their time while my daughter is suffering. IN HER BEST INTEREST, I would love to see some new rules and regulations for the department of DCF in Leominster, MA. Children are being removed for way too long, and family members not being able to even talk to them who were not even involved in the incident. This is too much for our future leaders. How is this beneficial to all children, when all families have different circumstances? We need new laws to protect the un-necessary removal of children who are not in danger and never were. DCF has failed to keep my child’s best interest in mind and I happen to have a child with a few disabilities. She is suffering more now than ever, and I am not the cause this time. Every parent can improve themselves, but we need to work on unification of the family much faster in the cases such as my own. Different cases have different circumstances, and there should be a law of protection for the cases which are not that serious. These children are our future. they do not need to be emotionally and psychologically hurt any further because of the lack of department participants working toward unification. Every second that passes by is hurting a child without their familiar family and familiar living situation. DCF just looks at the papers, and they need to start looking at the children and how hard some parents DO work to get help. PLEASE reform DCF in Leominster, MA. God Bless you. May you never have to experience what my family is going through. May your children never suffer as mine is right at this moment, and without any comfort. Being a mother saved my life. Being a mother is the best part of my days. I am nothing without my daughter. Please, listen to our cries, listen to our children’s cries to come HOME. Thank you. – Amanda Melvin, Mother of six year old, Kayla Richard.


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