May 25th, 2017
Someone from Fall River, MA writes:

Im a grandmother…ive ben involved with them because of my daughter and these r her children…lets just say she wasnt a oerfect parent but no one perfect now she has disabilities with she has be sence she was 12 alot has to do wit personal reasons none that bad but i dont disagree with there reason for them and the cituation given it was 6 yrs ago that dcf got involved….all in all my grandchildren were abuse thru foster care..first time was when my older 1 was 1nhlf and her sister was only 6 mths opon office visit the oldest had bruises all over her n the 6 mth old had sunburn so bad that that day my daughter called me i advise her to ask for superviser to yake them out they sapposenly did we wouldnt no dcf so in controll…then then all this time to to date they are still involve thru hven tempory custody my grandchildren are displayin sexuall abuse to the oldest do to amy and debbie married couple they are a foster home that the newbedford dcf office placed children…now school and consulars at school see personality disorder she shows 3 diffrent people at school n ect…niw the da got the case i guess it not a case cause 30 days is anough to investigate a victim of the state litterly…..and no one takin responability…..honesty it sickens me because it at the point were a gay foster care sexually and abusin them ….now i luv any human it dnt matter to me tha u are straight or gay but when your oldest grandbaby deminstrate gay cituation n it not appropriate in school or any place is ridiculous….no results it does take 30 to billed a case da to a lit gurl who is scared of u….just thought i say just a little of it to were the state of mass dcf is a joke and there ok anough to make these decisions im lost just like the children they allow to be misplaced n abused once violated innocence is gone from the child never the same….i can only pray for all 5 grandbabys i now hve in i pray for all who are suffering thru any and all abuse……they realy need to drug test and whatch them social workers that make jugdement on the children in the world …..


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