Jun 2nd, 2017
Tressa H. from Springfield, MA writes:

DCF accused me of neglect towards my granddaughter whom I have been raising since birth (she is now 13). The original 51A was opened 2/21/17, I had a fair hearing 5/18/17. It is now 6/2/17 and nothing has been done. My granddaughter is still in my custody and no service has been given to my family. The only thing DCF has accomplish is to have my doctor discontinue my pain medicines because of false claims that I am selling them. I have been on the same medicine for at least 7 years and have gone from 80mg to 15mg. If I was selling them you would think I would want to keep getting the 80mg. I have Disc Degeneration Disease, fibromyalgia, no cartilage in both knees, and chronic myeliod leukemia. By not being able to manage pain has significantly reduce the quality and quantity time I can have with my granddaughter. This is the ninth report that has been brought against me for the same thing and all the other reports have been unsupported and unfounded. Every time one of my family members get mad at me they call DCF. It is no coincidence that the allegations were made at the same time I kicked my daughter out of my home. I have tried to cooperate to the fullest with all their request but enough is enough.. I don’t want this case to go on for years just because they can do it. There is a real need to have DCF completely overhauled.


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