Mar 3rd, 2018
Ramona W. from Uxbridge, MA writes:

Our lives will never be the same having our names smeared being thrown in the streets with our two autistic sons. We actually though DCF in Braintree were going to help us. Instead we were homeless taking over by criminals everything tacken from us an treaded like criminals. With know regard to our children’s needs. My husband crying an saying I don’t understand we did nothing wrong , we did everything they said. They told us we could not stay in my biological mothers house we had only met six months ago. While fighting for my life undergoing surgery after surgery three more to go. Treated like fugitives based on the words of my biological mother who we found out is a drug dealer who was busted two years prior. We were horrified an crippled me being deathly ill our sons needs. Who always received the best care ABA in home care. Harvard working in our home with or other son who completed amazing things that we could not speak of because of the disclosures we had to sign. We called our so called case worker Cassandra from Braintree stating we can’t even get into a shelter please help us . Phone call after phone call it was horrific. Then to be contacted an be told because we our homeless our children our in jeapordy an serious allegations have been filed an our parental rights could be terminated. To be on deaths door an fighting for your life an your biological mother will take your children. To be hunted like criminals even after sending them 300 pages of my sons records. To be hung up on by Adam the so called director at the Braintree office. He did not want to hear it an it was not his concern. They truly our the most corrupt agencies . You have no rights they need no evidence they must be stopped. Asking us to drive two hours so they can see our sons. Slandering our names junkies thieves my husband kidnapping us. Stating they have allegations I’m unstable druggie who abuses my sons an my husband abuses us. We have lost our home all our belongings my husbands car they stole. We our still realing having to seek sanctuary in Rhodeisland were we were treated with so much kindness an respect. Stating if we need anything at all given food clothing shelter. Know family should ever be victimized by this so called agency DCF is the Gastapal . Social Darwinism survival of the fittest . Which our country was founded on still lives on.


Report It:

4 (888) 373-7888
National Human Trafficking Resource Center
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