Aug 24th, 2017
Laurie M. from Norwood, MA writes:

All over Facebook it’s listed DCF hiring event August 26th any kind of bachelor’s degree will do license not necessary start again 52k. Charlie Baker promised by July of the Year baby Bella died three years ago then he would make sure every agent was license he obviously lied and obviously Warren doesn’t care Kennedy doesn’t care nobody cares the agent that came after me had no license no background and battered women now my son is with the abusive parent is he still abuses me I believe the government I blame Charlie Baker I blame Elizabeth Warren you let this happen. Now on the 26th or whole bunch of new nitwits under the age of 22 with no children and no experience are going to be destroying people’s lives and more children will die because Charlie Baker didn’t care and neither do any of you if you think I’m going to sit back and keep my mouth shut your wrong you’ve never met anybody like me I don’t have anything to lose I’m ****ed off they got my son he still terrorizes me and nobody does a damn thing but these little b****** just out of college make twice as much as I do because now I have post-traumatic stress disorder blamed solely on the abuse I took from my ex and losing my son to that abusive son of a b****. Well I’m done keeping quiet I kept quiet for 2 years hoping that Charlie Baker would do the right thing but all he cares is his stupid opiate thing good I’m glad he cleared the streets of drugs now can he stop men from beating women and maybe save some children along the way or is he a lying sack of s*** I am ****ed off that I go on Facebook in the first thing I see August 26th bring your resume all you need is a bachelor’s degree license preferred but not necessary are you freaking kidding me I would do a better job than any of those nitwits because I have been apparent I have been in the Foster system and I have been a battered women I don’t qualify because I’ve been all of those things how dare you let this happen you are all to blame. Just to let you know when I called the governor’s office they didn’t care they said it wasn’t their problem. They didn’t care she hung up on me and so I wrote a letter and I guarantee that even won’t even be seen you have no idea how angry I am and as of the 26th a bunch of new little twenty-two-year-old freaking morons are going to let children die and think they’re cops when they’re not destroy families destroy lives kill children let women be beaten to death and it’s going to be on you I hope you sleep well at night knowing that you cause baby bellias death. I have no doubt you’ll end up causing mine if my ex gets to me because DCF would not help me bunch of little cop wannabes and that is exactly what the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department called the agents little cop wannabes you’re paying them $52,000 a year to destroy lives without a license are you kidding me I am not going to shut my mouth I want to scream this all over the goddamn country and it’s your fault it is your fault. I am treated like there’s something wrong with me I am treated like I’m crazy by people I love because I’ve been abused because I’ve been raped because my son was taken from me by my abuser my doctor puts it in writing that this is why I have post-traumatic stress disorder this was done to me and still nobody cared not one person care this is just me no imagine what my son is going to grow into if he is stuck with him aside from being beaten every other day when he gets a little bit older get him out of that house and you do something about this you do something about these licenses do your goddamn jobs I guarantee you you will not be elected again I have one big f****** mouth. And I am in tears and I am horrified and I am reliving everything right this second because I saw that ad and I was disgusted in Charlie Baker and in Elizabeth Warren and Michael Barrett who all promise to do something about it didn’t do a damn thing


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