Sep 4th, 2017
Svetlana S. from Hyde Park, MA writes:

My case is that one My husband I had ever had a problem with as great father husband communicator great earning Well they told us that he has a record of being 16 in high school to have just 2 puffs of marijuana He is 55 now he doesn’t smoke or like it I as mom have no records clean he is too Is it the resolution to lose both of our parental rights???! I haven’t seen my daughter for 10 months he is allowed 1 single hour with her per month My neighbor is on heroine and she sees her son 2 hours every week and weekend overnights What is wrong with me or my husband We have everything stable incomes home her furnished own bedroom with her own toys I had a just horrible caseworker another caseworker testified that she is abusing her in her car and she cries What is that ? She lives with 8 other kids in one single room and guess what A social worker rents a room in fosters and is the sister of f ***** who has no education at all and wouldn’t work for 6 dollars an hour? If you really want to adopt my daughter close your freaking up foster home because my daughter is going through the child is here then he or she disappear and having attachment disorder now they are calling it a global delay I am a real pediatrician in this country with licenses ! I never abandoned or god sake never abused my daughter All they need is a little excuse Oh your husband smoke a tabaco cigar at the backyard because I am allergic to that. Just crazy ! Everyone smokes sigarets! Or sugars ! It is the way you get never promise to see your child again ? Oh by the way he can get our daughter back if I divorce him For what I pressed for divorce? For someone smoke 1 cigarette in a day so he is relax from stress of not being with his daughter on a balcony and I am telling it is just tobacco???!


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