Nov 8th, 2017
Michelle O. from Hanson, MA writes:

I am a victim of them destroying my family not once did they try to give me a case plan I am a good mother I live my kids more then anything in this world they will rip ur child an let heroine addict care for ur kids I was in a court room a child was given to a grandmother clearly high on heroine an if i could see it why couldn’t they dcf can kiss my*****they get twenty grand for each child they take did anyone no that instead of taken them work with the parents give them a chance noone will stop me from fighting an if anything happens to my baby they will be sued they have torn my heart to pieces takin my son to make me feel like a the worst an I’ve always Ben a good mom not one person can say other things need to change an when I get my son were leaving this state but then allow a family Member of mine to let my nephew drink an drive with his neglectful mom a coke an fentynal addict Massachusetts needs to wake up listen to a truth behind a story an help us keep our children with their mother not take them an be abused


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