Nov 11th, 2017
Katie M. from North Grafton, MA writes:

Judge Denise Meagher of Worcester Probate Court is a huge part of the issue. I am a mother of 5 with a BA in early childhood education and working towards a PhD in Sociology with a focus on family and childhood. My ex is an abusive illegal immigrant who skirted the system and got TPS. He was so completely uninvolved that he couldn’t answer what hair and eye color his children have nor their birthdates. He didn’t know how had an epi-pen or why not what one was or how to use one. Meagher gave him full custody although DCF already had been involved within the 1st week he had temporary orders for custody. They found him in 27 items of investigated and supported neglect (3 for providing alcohol for minors). Fast forward to nearly 3 years later and he has over 50 items of supported neglect and abuse, is under criminal investigation with the DA for child porn, molestation, and abuse (hits them with coat hangers on a regular). My oldest 2 daughters are in foster care and my youngest 3 are still in his “care” but in the custody of the state. DCF won’t even let me speak to my kids becuase they claim I have a mental illness as this was the claim of Judge Denise Meagher (as she has done to many other good mothers). I have had 7 psych evals all clearing my name. It is clear defamation of character. DCF tells my friends “I am unstable and off my meds” I hold a 3.97 GPA I am married and have had the same friends for over 10 years. I worked full time as a scientist. The claim is false and defamatory. I’ve had 3 lawyers and have gotten nowhere. Some one needs to do something about Meagher and DCF Worcester East.


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