Dec 2nd, 2017
Someone from Hyde Park, MA writes:

Court appointed lawyer gave me an appeal lawyer both do more harm then any good, apparently both work for DCF and get paid by them Is not it conflict of major interests? Who knows state superior court and other one state and federal superior court will work ? There never been a single issue with a child they just frame or otherwise label in indefinite terms so parents don’t know what that mean. We’ll appeal public defender send me a letter signed by him not a judge saying that DCF has full custody until age of 18 it is 14 years from now living in agony then my child got adopted how is adopted child can be in custody of DCF? She lives with 8 other “brothers and sisters ” who move in and out fosters have no formal education social worker renting a room there. We have a furnished bedroom for our daughter Well how do you expect to denying her bigger sister 17 not to see her all contacts prohibited and I have full physical and legal custody of her biological sister ?


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