Dec 10th, 2017
Someone from Shrewsbury, MA writes:

Worcester dcf has a pattern of putting children in harm and in fear. Worcester dcf tries to get as many children on psychotropic drugs as possible. Worcester dcf constantly lies on their reports and fabricates information to use against the biological parents. Worcester dcf tries to get as many children as possible to bee declared ADHD, ADD, etc. Worcester dcf tries to take as many children into their custody as possible. its all about grabbing federal funding. the more children that dcf takes, the more federal funding they get. the more psychological disorders they can get labeled on a child , the more money they get.. most dcf caseworkers are not married, have no children , and hence have now idea or knowledge about parenting or proper childcare other than what they read in a college textbook. when the child died in Fitchburg, MA. and the governor then increased the dcf budget, most case workers were paid $49,000 per year, after the budget increase, those same workers are earning $76,000 per year plus many perks that are kept secrey from the public. Worcester dcf workers have no problem walking into court and committing perjury. many decisions made by dcf about children in their care have caused irrepairable psychological and emotional harm to the children in their custody that no amount of intensive trauma therapy can repair. dcf also likes to demand gynelogical exams and HIV and HPV shots to young children between 8 and 15 years old-THAT ARE NOT EVEN SEXUALLY ACTIVE. Dcf appears to have simularities to sadist groups and pedophile ring. Worcester dcf needs much more oversite and a complete overhaul. cut-off the federal funding and then watch the amount of children in dcf custody or care plummet. Everybody is in on this scam-courts, judges, many lawyers, etc. I could write a book on this. keep calling your senators and state reps and the governors office and dont stop calling till you see positive changes. If they wont help, then vote them out of office in the next election. And make the problems known by networking and social media social media. the worst thing that a person or organization can do is harm a child in any way (physically, sexually, psycholgically emotionally, etc. Worcester dcf makes decisions that rape children psychologically and emotionally.


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