Jan 9th, 2018
Jennifer C. from Gloucester, MA writes:

DCF came in my life in a CRA case against my troubled teenager! I thought she was going into a program to evaluate her meds instead they placed her w/her best friends mother who is inappropriate nd disrespectful towards my daughter’s condition nd our relationship which in turn has pulled my daughter nd I so far apart we actually don’t have a relationship anymore! We went back for the 120 days after court date nd DCF’s report didn’t mention anything about my daughter viloating her order or increased poor behavoir towards me nd her little sister which was the problem from day 1 nd they covered up any incompetency of their Dept. But she definitely reported that my behavoir was so inappropriate that the judge wanted to turn the case into a Care nd protection! I have had a few outburst towards this woman cz she is deceitful nd incompetent! Her actions have been so inappropriate to me nd her constantly defending the poor behavoir of my daughter nd the non “kinship” placement of my daughter has been irrational to me! I have never dealt w/such carelessness nd disregard to my personal dignity. There has never been any concerns against me as a mother in 16yrs nd now thus villianized me nd has encouraged my daughters poor choices nd behavoir to the point that now my 9yr old is in danger! I can’t work with ppl of such vile nature nd dishonesty! I’m truly at my wit’s end! I asked the courts to help w/my outta control dangerous teenager nd have been completely failed by this broken system! My 9 yr old is devastated nd it’s completely depressing me! I will never have faith in the system nd never advise any1 to volunteer for these disgusting backwards services!! DCF destroys families nd children for no reason the whole agency should be abolished or at least educated on family values! I truly loathe the Salem agency nd hate my worker Jill Warylanw/a passion! She is a liar nd beyond unqualified to do this work!!!!


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