Man is not free unless government is limited

Man is not free unless government is limited

We don’t need a figure head to tell us these things but to see it as a recognition and acknowledgement should help those would presume otherwise, to know.  I say open your eye’s and smell the shit.   See the evidence for yourself.  Ronald Reagan knew better and you should too.

People say David is so controversial and I can not be associated to such things.   I say it’s OK that you are afraid to sand up for important  truth and do something more about it, for the good of all mankind.   Fear is natural.   I say this fear is crap, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and i’ll quote whomever said that too.

There is no controversy at all here unless you are an affirmed communist.   I don’t know to many Americans who will admit that they are,  do you?   What I do know is that so many of us are ignorant to what we accept as Freedom and so many of us simply are ignorant to the fact that we are ignorant and still pretend not to care.    That’s what I know.

Is what Ronald Regan saying in the video below controversial?  I challenge anyone and everyone to put-up or shut-up and take positive action in life for a change.  At least you should know in your head the difference.   Additionally,  do your part as a good man or woman to help right these wrongs.  what should you do?  well,  for one, ADMIT THE TRUTH to yourself and if hold non-American-communist ideals then stop pretending to be American.

Any energy set into the right direction is good.  If you are American  Please, take up cause for Freedom.   Help me free Dylan and all littles who are prisoners being trafficked for profit today upon Massachusetts and elsewhere upon America.   Share this post!  Do something anything at all.

You don’t have to do what I do and give up your resources, or lots of time,  or work, or home and make continuous sacrifice to redress.  No,  that’s my charge and i have and will continue to sacrifice everything if necessary.

You can still do something even something small is good.

I SAY:  Those who would be good people who see something wrong and know it’s wrong  but continue to do and say nothing or make excuse to justify wrong and confound things for that justification:  you are a BAD PERSON!

Stop!!!   Open your eyes,  put and end to your conjecture based judgments and delusion-conclusion.  Hear what Ronald Reagan said on public television and open your eyes to the truth.

If you can tell me Ronald Reagan is wrong then do so now or forever hold your peace and change and grow and act proper: [email protected]

This is a call to action!   All change starts on the inside,  reflect!

When things are wrong and so much is bad for so many like Dylan and I it takes courage not justified judgment based upon conjecture to make a difference and redress.   Thank you!

Please spend sometime edifying yourself with my eye opening research and posts i have here and do whatever you can to make that difference.










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