Letter To Dylan Mabardy

Letter To Dylan Mabardy

Dearest Dylan,

I am writing you on this page because everything i send to you get’s sent back.   I have so much to say to you but i can’t seem to reach you and everyday for more than a year I have tried.   Please call me A.S.A.P.  or email me A.S.A.P:  [email protected]

FYI:  All the time when I call you no one answers  and no one returns my call.  The gifts i send you are returned to me and it just breaks my heart that this is happening like this.   I am very, very disgusted with what’s going on.

Unfortunately for us,  so many people  lack decency, respect, honor and sincerity and try to justify bad faith as good. The fact is that these people confound the truth to cause us undue harm.   My promise to you is that i will find a way to fix this and soon.  You should know I am working on it very hard everyday.    You hang in there pal,  you’re my best buddy and i apologize to you and one day soon all will be made clear and put right.

Also, Do no let anyone make you take medicine or put needles in you,  no nurses or doctors.    Trust yourself and your Dad.  You tell them talk to my Dad and say it over and over until they listen to you.   Do not be afraid to say NO!  Give them my number.   I am ready to talk to any and all of them right now.

I am going to be truthful with you because I know that others are not going to be.   So,  be mindful of others and be very careful about who you trust and think before you talk.   You deserve truth and you deserve justice and after all it is the American way.  You are the future of America.

I made this website for you and it’s about Freedom.

Defined as:

1. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint;

2. the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved;

It’s about our Freedom specifically but also everyones too.  Seems that a lot of people wont like what i have to say on this website.  F-Them!   I quote Jesus: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I entitled this page: FREE DYLAN.  What i mean is free us all because we can’t be free and not free at the same time.

So what is it?   Free or Not Free?

Let’s experiment with what it means to be free.    I claim you(Dylan) are not free.  It’s my job to protect that freedom and your right to it.  Also,  so long as you are not free, I can not be and that applies backward as well because we are connected, we are united.   So we are not free?   Strange,  America is known as the land of the free.  Seems like quite the contradiction if we are not.

I put this picture here to make sure you know what i mean by not free.   This is extreme and expresses a point.  The point is you and i are not prisoners or slaves  in a literal cage but we are still not free.   So what do I mean?  I mean we are not free to express our free will as we choose.   You might say we are a prisoner in our mind or a slave in an invisible cage.  I believe that this is, in one way worse than being in a cage because at least when your in a cage you know your not free.

But for us it’s an invisible cage.   I call this cage,  extortion, coercion, threat of force and i can go on to such things as collective passive aggression, unaccountability and denial and collective conformity, obfuscation, limited liability,   irresponsibility, special interest and the list go’s on.   It’s basically just fraud.   Fraud is an act by  somebody who is liar who is pretending to be truthful to hoodwink you and rob you of your property.

I don’t expect your going to know all these ideas but you are learning and since you are I will expect your going to research these ideas for yourself.  Like i said, i hope I’m wrong.   Don’t be afraid of big words and ideas.  It’s easy and i’ll go back and put links to everything that i think you won’t understand right away.  Just slow it down and break it down like we always do.

Anyway,  I am going to prove my hypothesis that we are not Free and I honestly hope i am wrong.   Still I think the empirical evidence from our observation will show, sadly,  i’m correct.

I cannot express my freewill and come get you right now because of the threat of force . This meaning that someone may try to pervert truth, as to say I am kidnapping my own flesh and blood, my own property.  Hold a gun to my head and lock me away for coming to get you and bring you home where you belong.   Let’s not get too much into this but just take my word for it.

Yes, property little buddy, meaning that we are clearly and exclusively proper to one another.  Thus,  i am also your property.  You have the superior right to I that you’re currently being denied.  That right has been stolen form you today.   Don’t listen to what others say about this because  it’s unquestionable and undeniable.  Never forget who you are and where you come from.

So that is why I cannot come get yo right now.  Not Free but rather threatened.  Not the best way for us because if i run into this problem i am unable to continue to fight to protect your freedom.  Looks like i’m just getting started too.  It’s been a while, i know,  because I didn’t ask for this fight, you didn’t either.  It asked for us and we did not want it or expect it.  We simply wanted to enjoy our happiness and loving wonderful life.  I guess that’s too much to ask for.

I will always fight to protect our freedom Dylan until the day i no longer have to but honestly i’d think in this day and age feudalism was no more.  I would be wrong.  So,  fight meaning help people understand and win them over to by right reason.  I don’t mean take them down by force and you know we can win without fighting that way at least I hope so.

I am only going to tell you truth.  Evil deeds and evil people are the cause of all this.    If you want to know who they are just take a look around you and it will be come evident.  Evil is going to be part of life but we don’t have to accept it as good.

Express our free will?   So if I am free i should be able to run through the center of town naked?  No!  why?  Because my freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. People don’t like to see a naked man running  in the center of town.  Therefor, that would impose upon their freedom and where their freedom starts is where ours stops.

Be mindful of others freedom if you wish they are mindful of yours.   Wow!   If only the those who have trespassed against us and are discriminating against you would understand this principal of freedom we would not have to live with tyranny, and we should not, and we will not stand for it.  I would further add that we may also consider the idea that we are,  and most everyone too,  prisoners in a cage of, figurative,  golden bars.  Let’s talk about that later or sooner if you call me and prove my observations wrong.

God gave us the gift of Freedom to allow us to express our free will to do as we please.   Are you free to pick up the phone and call Dad without interfering with someone else’s freedom?   Hell Ya!

That’s the experiment little buddy.   Show me!   Call now.  I claim that the empirical evidence of our observation of this experiment will show that you are not free and therefore i am not.

Call your Dad right now!   Let’s prove our freedom.  today is: Sixteen(16) May, 2017.  I am waiting and so very excited to be proven wrong.

call me,  i will come get you and we can go surfing just like we use to.    Don’t take no for an answer.  Stand up for yourself,  peacefully and calm and demand and assert your right to call me and see me and come home.   Pick up the phone and be free.  No one is the boss of you, if you respect your freedom.  Take it,  never give it up or surrender.  I believe in you.

Please forgive me Dylan for invading your privacy like this.  You are entitled to it and i am going impose upon you  right now. i have no desire to bring you pain only to tell you why all or our recent trauma imprisons our mind.   life is full of lies, and liars, . . so we are imprisoned within those lies until truth come to light.    Life is an Adventure.  You do nothing wrong, no how,  no way.  You never did.  You don’t deserve any of this and i am sorry.   Know who you are!   i am proper to you and always united with you no matter how far the distance between us.  You are my life and my heart and i promise we will  put this right.  Bang that Gong!

I am alway here for you.  I’ll do all that i can for you and i to be free again. . . see you soon.

Love Always,  Your Dada.