Massachusetts – Land Of Confusion

Massachusetts – Land Of Confusion

Charles Baker and Massachusetts DSS,DCF,  Agency,  destroying good people for profit,  someone writes:

The whole facade is based on the deception of “implied consent,” when in fact, there is no contract, authority or law in the actions of the “court.” In fact, the Human is the only one who can possess or exercise Inherent Rights, can sign a contract, can own allodial property, can bear children or authentically exist. The fictitious “state” is not a human, does not own our children, own our allodial titles to our land and property, cannot contract, cannot compel contracts, does not own our cars and our roads and waterways or have any authority to restrict the lives of Freeborn Natural Persons who have committed no crime 4th, 2017

Someone from Dorchester Center, MA

Dec 23rd, 2016 Regina M. from Taunton, MA writes:

Im also looking to sue DCF for their inappropriately mishandling my DCF case and I have no contact with my daughter for a year and half over false allegations and I want the state of Massachusetts to do a proper investigation on DCF and the Bristol County Family Probate Court The State of Massachusetts needs to hear our voices and take the proper syeps into reuniting families.

I wish to know you and help you: contact i at [email protected]


Dec 25th, 2016 Janet S. from Ocala, FL writes:

What is wrong with dcf Massachusetts? EVERYTHING! ! They work with and for each other, place children with friends even though these children have family members.dependable ,caring who can provide for the child no trouble working people so WHY IS DCF KEEPING MY GRANDDAUGHTER IN FOSTER CARE? CAN CHARLIE BAKER, LINDA SPEARS, LUCY CANUEL, MARIA MASUCCI, RAYGON TRIPP, STEVE TETRAULT, DEBBY LANAGA, ANNE FARIAS, CHRISTINA ABERNAZ, DELORIS JOSEPH ISOLINA DACOSTA THE LIST CONTINUE, WHY IS MY GRANDDAUGHTER IN FOSTER CARE?



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