Jan 7th, 2017 Bradford A. from Uxbridge, MA writes:

Jan 7th, 2017 Bradford A. from Uxbridge, MA writes:


My eight months old daughter has been placed in a foster home after I called 911 for my wife who was suffering from pod. The uxbridge police department responded first. Officer Stratton of the uxbridge police department went into my bedroom with my wife and daughter to watch my wife breast feed behind a curtain even though I had told him I wasn’t comfortable with him taking her statement because she was hormonal and half naked. Officer Stratton then used a sweet talking Voice asked my wife if it was ok to come in. My wife said yes as long as she could cover herself but she continued breastfeeding my daughter. Officer Stratton then smiled at me with a smug grin and jokingly said to me in a sarcastic tone “but I’m a police officer” at the same time shrugging his shoulders and laughing as is I were a jealous husband and not concerned about my wife’s psychological state at the time.

Officer Stratton ignored the fact that I called for an ambulance. I tried to go into the bedroom to get my daughter. Officer Dean who was taking my statement, until the talking stopped in my bedroom, warned officer Stratton that I was going to open the curtain. I went outside to leave and file a complaint with the police department but officer Stratton put me in hand cuffs and started playing tough guy telling me he’s the not so nice cop as he twisted my wrist and pinning my thumb against a nerve giving me an extreme burning sensation in my arm he continued to do this while he said to the other officer in a proud of himself tone “she doesnt even want him here, yeah take him away then leaned forward and whispered in my ear how cute my daughter was… then he stopped mid sentence. I had seen a neighbor on the window across the street so I tried to tell them I needed help by More loudly telling officer Stratton that the pain in my arm was excruciating and submitting to what was an obvious power trip.

I was taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation instead of my wife and the officers stayed at the house with my wife and daughter. I was cleared and released from the hospital that night but my daughter has since been taken from both my wife and I who have been forced to separate or they wouldn’t give my daughter back to my wife.  I wasn’t allowed to see my daughter for 3 and a half weeks. Now I am only allowed to see her once a week for an hour with police detail because of lies from police and social services employees.



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