Investigation of corrupt Connecticut Family courts

Investigation of corrupt Connecticut Family courts

The feds are investigating corrupt Connecticut family courts.  A task force has fielded TENS OF THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS about them. See the article below. 

Now, if every state would do that!

NEW HAVEN, Conn., February 5, 2015 — The U.S. Department of Justice and representatives of five federal law enforcement agencies announced this week the establishment of a public corruption task force in the State of Connecticut. The task force will investigate corrupt public officials, the misuse of public funds and related criminal activity. DOJ Feb 4 – Task Force Announcement

Some state officials have suggested that the task force’s first order of business should be to address problems with fraud and corruption in the State’s family courts. According to the Connecticut Judicial Review Council’s website, the 25 member committee has fielded tens of thousands of complaints filed by consumers against Connecticut judges, however, fewer than than 11 judges have been subject to public disciplinary hearings since the 1980’s.

“Public servants are entrusted by all of us to act in the best interests of the public they serve. It is important for the United States to bring to justice those who betray that trust,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Patricia M. Ferrick. “Public corruption at all levels of local, state, and federal government must not be tolerated, and this task force will leverage the best assets of the task force partner agencies to address the threat posed by corrupt public officials.”


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