Don’t believe me until take it from an expert.      Maybe after you look at this you’ll begin to understand the truth about what has happened to Dylan:


Dylan is an  11-year-old boy who’s freedom has been taken away from him.    When the same thing happens to an adult we cal it:  JAIL.   Dylan is innocent and guilty of NOTHING!

Dylan can’t sleep over friends or families house anymore!

Dylan trip to Disney world with his Dad canceled a year ago after already being booked,   Dylan can’t go to Disneyworld with his Dad,

Plans for Dylan and Dad to visit  Canada have been put on hold indefinitely because Dylan can’t travel anywhere,

Dylan can’t visit his grandmother anymore to help her with her cook and help with her computer and make her laugh and give her love and Joy like you see in the all the old pictures,

Dylan can’t visit his cousins or swim in Uncle pool and enjoy the blessing of his wonderful family,

Dylan can’t go fishing at Uncle’s Pond take the boats out and run around with the girls and have fun

Dylan can’t see his Dad or Mom when he needs them or want’s to seem them and he does all the time,  what little boy doesn’t?

Dylan can’t call his Dad ever or get call from his Dad how is the only one who raised him.

Dylan can’t see or visit any of his old friends he’s known for 10 years or at least as long as he was self-aware.   Ooh!  Self-awareness,  that’s interesting.

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