I wanted to share this very cool motivational video today because it’s very easy to forget sometimes how I don’t quit and will never quit loving my self.   We just want to give up on ourself sometimes and it’s depressing because we lose hope and forget our self worth.

I am going to quote a part of this video that i felt was very siginicant to my ears when listened to it.  For those among  my friends and family who may think it OK to Judge or even to push blind unsubstantiated  opinions of hegemony and  not unlike the fascist  tradition and who may think it proper to poke fun and confound moral right as wrong as Dylan and I and so many others are not free, I quote:

The day that we allow the opinions of the outside world to dictate the way we feel about ourselves; it is the beginning of the end of us living a blessed and self loving, secure life.   The beginning of the end and so I love myself independent of the validation of the world.  

I do not intend to be the one of living dead and i sincerely hope you all understand and all love yourself too for who you truly are because we are not different, we are not inauthentic and  not-genuine but rather very special and very connected beings if we choose to love ourself and embrace who we are and know what we are meant to be.  We just need to give ourselves a chance and to retard ourselves so to see and grow a little bit.   Please watch the video and I hope you find it uplifting as much as i do.


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