Gummint Skools Terrorize Children With Hyper-Sexual Surveys

Gummint Skools Terrorize Children With Hyper-Sexual Surveys

Brian Cammenker of the great organization MassResistance – which works to resist government and cultural assaults on family and morals –  has brought this dreadful Massachusetts gummint skool survey to light. 

This survey is from the Canton, Massachusetts public schools (and probably a lot of other districts as well). It asks the children about whether the students are transgendered, how often they have had sex, how many people they have had sex with, and a lot more. 

They then ask terribly personal questions about the child’s family, such as whether they have guns in the home, whether they use drugs or alcohol, whether they have sexually transmitted diseases, and even if they wear seat belts. 

The answers to these questions will SURELY be used to sic DCF on the families. 

Check it out:

If your children go to a school where such a survey is being used, tell them to opt out at all costs Depending on how your children answer these questions, you could lose them to the government foster case system. 

Better yet, get them out of the gummint skools, and teach them at home. The resources are now available to do that at minimal cost, and your children won’t be ruined by learning to hate everything you love, and love everything you hate.

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