Government Has No Answers For People Like This. . . . 

Government Has No Answers For People Like This. . . . 

The amazing Rod Dreher of The American Conservative reports on a story which he calls, “Beyond Chaos”.  A hospital nurse writes him about staggeringly immature people with children she has to care for. Here is the beginning:

“I’m a nurse and today at work I took care of a 33 year old woman with schizophrenia who was pregnant with her 4th child. Two of her children are being cared for by her brother who has stated that he cannot take in any more of his sister’s children.
Her third child is in foster care.
Her 4th was born today, a little girl, at 34 weeks.
This woman had a repeat c-section and hysterectomy today (the previous c-sections have caused serious problems, including placenta acreda, which is why we did the hysterectomy. The risk of bleeding to death is quite serious in these cases).
This woman has no idea who the father of this child is. She also does not know who fathered her other 3 children.
She is, to say the least, a mess. To get her to agree to any of this treatment took an enormous amount of work and ingenuity. She just wanted to go home and put her feet up and watch her stories. She said her back hurt and she was tired.
The care she received today was extraordinary – 5 nurses, a vascular surgeon plus residents, 2 ob/gyns plus residents, anesthesia (2 nurses and 1 MD), approximately 10 units of blood plus other blood products, 6 plus hours of OR time, and $1,000′s worth of supplies, not to mention the care for her baby which includes the neonatal specialist plus 6 nurses today and all the care required in the days/weeks to come.”

It goes on. Read the Whole Thing.

Dreher’s conclusion:

Tell me, liberals, about the policy solution for people like this. Tell me about how if we just spent more money on them, or instituted a jobs program, how this would go away. Tell me, conservatives, how people like this can be expected to bootstrap their way out of an abyss like that. What it means to assume personal responsibility when you are raised with that as your normal.

This is beyond chaos.

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