Freedom Addiction – What is it?. . . how to treat it?

Freedom Addiction – What is it?. . . how to treat it?

Welcome to F.A. –  Free-o-halics Anonymous

Freedom = Property = Freedom

Freedom = Privacy = Property = Freedom

My Name is David and I am A Free-o-halic

If you think your suffering from Free-0-halism  please contact us today we can help: [email protected]

 What Have we done with Freedom in America Today?

As a Freedom Addict to better handle our addiction we should focus on comprehending what freedom.

What is Freedom?   Why is so Bad?   Let’s Explore some Truth

PROPERTY = Freedom = Legal Plunder?  There sure a lot of videos about this Addiction and I know that there are many who suffer Freedom.

The body of the Addiction of Freedom comes from the condition over overuse and abuse.

Overdosing on Freedom is very harmful and one should never be too free to express themselves at least not publicly.


NOTE:  Freedom = Privacy = Property

 Liberty = Freedom?  two words are different but in this Video below, YES Liberty and Freedom almost mean the same thing.

 Good People Empower Evil People throughout History = True

Evil is also Free if Good People Don’t Stop it = True

Freedom = Ownership = The right to own= Intangible Property  =  the ownership of the right to something or someone not that someone themselves as the property but the right to own is the freedom and the property.   Still we must also remember that Freedom is dangerous and require the capacity to be responsibly free.   If you have to use Freedom do it responsibly.  Freedom can be harmful when not used responsibly.    Therefor so can property like a gun for example.  We can’t give little people who don’t know what a gun is  the freedom to Own one because they can’t be responsible not to miss use or abuse it.   So  are these people who are incapable of knowing the difference free?   I say no!  Not free but rather chattel only until they are self aware enough to own-themselves and then they are free.

We use that freedom to do what we like, to express ourself

What Have We Done with Freedom?

Where there is choice we  have freedom?

Does choice give Freedom?

Why do we have to choose?

If we are very Clear there is no choice out of that comes right reason

Choice prevents Freedom

Totalitarian States Have No Freedom


Theft of Freedom is theft of Property

This Free-o-halic Anonymous Group post is my way of making light and poking fun at something truly phenomenal and sacred.  To put things into perspective for myself today a little bit for you the reader and watcher to help with the purpose of comprehending what freedom is and what it is not.  Freedom is a sacred idea for Americans, especially those who fought and gave their life for it.  In that way more than any other Freedom is not Free.

So many people tell others what to do, how to do it, how to say it, how to live it, how it’s done.  This is fine for compensation and working environments but not for a FREE society and certainly not for humanity.

This collectivist ideal is free until those who are told do not accept what they are being told but said collectivist.  If at that time of non acceptance its brought on by Force.  Command tone, lethal Weapon,  Extortion, Cohesion, Threat.

GUESS WHAT:  Force is not Freedom that is unless you believe that war is peace or maybe right is wrong.  Force being depicted as Freedom is Fraud.  Fraud is anything but Freedom.    What often is never questioned is why?

Fraud exist in nature.  The book the Art of War has a passage within it that reads,  all war is won by deception and the greatest generals win without fighting.   Deception is Fraud <= to Freedom.   Being deceived to think your free when you are not is tantamount to encephalopathy.

Freedom is about the question why and right reason and what it is, is up to You to decide.   That is the nature of being free.

The key is to remember that you are not alone, you are connected to all those around you and your Freedom ends where mine begins.   I believe that is the key principal of Freedom I must remember and you should too if you wish to stay free and  I know you do.   Use Freedom Responsibly.  Don’t Abuse Freedom!   To many American people have died for YOUR FREEDOM.   Honor them!


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