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Massachusetts  DCF,  Hypocrisy and Human Trafficking

 Is Massachusetts  Ruining Families and Human Trafficking?

– As of: 13, December 2017   there are 2,424 men, woman and children who say YES – Massachusetts Alone- 

– As of: 19, July 2018 that’s grown to 2,659 men, woman and children who say YES – Massachusetts Alone-

We find as of 11, June 2018 Another 33,000  of the USA  have come forward to speak out about Human Trafficking  
We find as of 19, July 2018 That grown to 34,115   of the USA  have come forward to speak out about Human Trafficking  

NOTE:   These petitions are to demonstrate how many pissed off people there are who have been or know someone who has been Human Trafficked.  i do not believe that signing them will bring any success at all because the same people who you’re complaining to are the same people who are making the money.  Making the money from the biggest form of modern day slavery and human trafficking in existence of all time.  Please,  understand i am not telling you what to do, simply sharing my belief and nothing more.

Thousands of people have come forward to PROTEST your SOCIALIST + HUMAN TRAFFICKING CORPORATION,  known as, The  MASSACHUSETTS Department of Children and Families  of MASSACHUSETTS (DCF) 

DUNS number: 878509116             FYI:  Socialist Corporatism = Fascism 

So what does it mean to you, your family, your baby, your neighbors and friends?  So what that these guys have a DUNNS number.

Read this and see:  A System of Lies

Oh, if you don’t know what i mean by SOCIALIST get the basic idea: CLICK HERE