Never let dcf in your home unless warranted. By letting them in your home you give them an opportunity to say that your home is a mess, untidy, that they saw alcohol, and medications visible and within reach of child, no child locks on cabinets, open windows where a child could fall out, etc. DCF shows up at your door for only one reason, to find evidence that you are an unfit parent and that your home is not safe for a child, that you dont speak appropriately to your child, etc. If your home is neat and tidy and you are an excellent mom then many DCF investigators and social workers will simply fabricate evidence to use against you in court. 90% of DCF workers and investigators are corrupt-rotten to the core. They live in their own matrix and choose to ignore the spiritual realm in which we all truly live. Yes there are some DCF employees who care about children and families. Do you really want to play Russian roulette with your children and family by letting a DCF employee into your home? If they had enough evidence to kidnap your child, they would have shown up with a court order and police. the fact that the social worker showed up alone indicates they don’t have enough evidence to commit a court ordered kidnapping of your child. Whenever DCF shows up at your door without a warrant, give them your lawyers business card and tell The dcf worker to contact your lawyer. If you are low income, jobless, on disability, or live in low income housing or a poor neighborhood, DCF will prey on you upon the first complaint they receive. once DCF has custody of your child, it is highly possible that your child will suffer irrepairable emotional and psychological harm of which no amount of intensive trauma therapy can fix. Once DCF obtains custody , they will attempt to alienate you from your child, and say nasty things about you to your child. My investigation of DCF employees in Worcester, MA. office indicates that some of these workers had suffered traumatic childhoods including rape and incest and therefore prey on children in vengeance for their own destroyed childhood. A high percentage of Worcester, MA. DCF workers are not married, have no children and haven’t got the slightest clue about childcare and what it takes to be a good parent. Be relentless in continuously contacting your state representatives, state Senators and governor by telephone. Only use email and U.S. mail as a last option.Also Write a letter to President Trump via Certified U.S. Mail with return receipt. Don’t ever give up fighting for your child. You are your childs lifeline. Corrupt Worcester, MA. DCF workers have sold their soul to the Devil. There is nothing worse that a human can do than to hurt a child or to make a decision that results in the harm of a child. In the words of Jesus, it would be better if that person would hang a millstone around their own neck and be tossed into the ocean than for that person to hurt a child. Please pray for the conversion of all D.C.F. workers in the United States. Worcester DCF worker Elaine D’Eliah has fabricated false DCF reports, commotted perjury in Worcester juvenile courts and Woburn Superior Court. Worcester DCF worker Laura Martinez Fabricates false DCF reports also,



DUNS number: 878509116            

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