My 5 children have been ordered to be with their known abuser for nearly 3 years now. In that time DCF has found ~50 items of abuse and neglect supported against him. They have not turned anything over to the DA and are interfering with criminal prosecution for sexual abuse and showing the children child porn. He also hit them with coat hangers and has 3 items of neglect supported against him for providing alcohol to minors. He had continually for the last 15 years participated in human trafficking of his illegal immigrant siblings and he himself got caught at the boarder lied about where he was from and got deported to Mexico then entered illegally again. He skirted the system and has been on TPS that is due to expire in March. He told the children he will take them to El Salvador and has not been paying the mortgage and collecting money laundered from his brothers drug dealing to his citizens bank account. Judge Meagher accused me of having mental illness which I am learning is a common tactic of hers. I have released my medical records and submitted to NINE psychological evaluations all clearing me of mental illness. Meager called my affidavit “a bi-polar rant”. My ex put jalapeños inside me and laughed, sodomized me, raped me, and beat me. She laughed at my statement. I scored a ZERO for bi-polar in each round of evaluation. DCF’s lawyer (who had never met me) claims I am delusional and that no matter what tests say they will continue to act on the grounds that I have mental illness even though there are zero instances of me doing something that shows mental illness. DCF told my oldest if she is willing to say that she exaggerated what she reported about her father that the worker can help her to get back to me much faster. More than one worker told both my older daughters that I abandoned them, that I don’t want them, that I am having a new baby to replace them and move on without them. Another worker told my kids in front of my mother that there isn’t money for their father to buy them clothing because I stole all the family money and spent it. The above is so incredibly sick. The second oldest told her regular case worker in front of the worker who had told them that I abandoned them what was said their usually worker assured them this wasn’t the case and made disgusted face at the worker who said that to them. Two of the foster homes my girls stayed in told the girl that I abandoned them as well. What the heck is going on here??? What can I do about it??? They are interfering with criminal proceedings against father for molesting them and showing them child porn. No one should ever say such things to children especially DCF workers. Can my kids record conversations? What can I do? Meagher took away my custody. Dcf only lets me have supervised calls. My BA in in early childhood education, I am director certified in daycare, I am working on my PhD in Sociology with a focus on children and families. I have done everything Dcf and the court asked of me and then some. I’ve had enough of Meagher and her known corruption with DCF Worcester east. My children have been hit with coat hangers, left in feces, molested, exposed to porn, their Uncle and nanny encouraged to abuse them. DCF helping the abuse continue and the defamation of character that Meagher and DCF have carried out for 3 years now. There are hundreds of mothers and children Meagher and DCF Worcester east have done this to. Most don’t have the money for lawyer after lawyer and by time lose everything due to this corruption. Meagher smiles and smirks at the mothers, calls them liars, calls the children liars, refuses evidence, ignores testimony of officials, professionals, GAL, child appointed attournies, etc. something needs to be done now!!! Children are suffering and dying.



DUNS number: 878509116            

Person Traffic,  Traffic, Human,  Trafficking Human

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