Charles Baker and Massachusetts are ruining families via agency, DCF

Charles Baker and Massachusetts are ruining families via agency, DCF

MJan 16th, 2017 Krista S. from North Adams, MA writes:

Pittsfield dcf illegally took my kids and the judgment against me was that dcf and the judge doesnt like my family and that i was in dcf custody as a child i was raped and abused in multiple incidents they have the nerve to state such things like because i was abused and rapped in there care i have to have something wrong with me even though ive proven with solid evidence my disabilities that i obtained after two years of my kids removals took place shows i can parent my children with depression and ptsd . My daughter who is three hhas been abused since newborn by foster mother Anne, proof of walmart and other public assaults took place witnessed by dcf supervisor she calles 51a in it was unsupported and screened. Out i asked why i was told that they have the right to because its there system data base . No remorese at all sexual and physical abuse and emotional abuse, was witnessed but unsupported i called fbi still nothing i want my kids they stole right out of hospital i see three of them i was refused my daughter they took her out of hospital when i was sleeping woke up gone i. Was told i didnt have a child . Age 16 ! I want my ****ing kids but the system is sick! Who the hell sleeps at night doing******like this i would love to go public like news with this since Berkshire county court system knows about this.

Illegal stuff and is assisting this crap! Not sure how someone who was a dcf attorney becomes a judge and help dcf keep kids as a judge and used juvenile information too allow and give dcf these children based on juvenile dcf information and keep children that where born from these parents in dcf custody its a sick unnecessary continuance of illegal removal and frauding the government and irs money!

You think we would have due processes right and civil rights and a right to live freely as citizens but no we get our right violated, so if your reading this my name is Krista Smith i am a victim of civil rights violations in the juvenile court of Berkshire county North Adams mass 01247! Judge lockes is the sitting judge investigate this court system and serves some use and justice for the corrupted court save my daaughter jaizlyn marie Rodriguez! I filed with FBI look into thanks a concerned mother and citizens!

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