Bring Me to Life
How can you see into my eyes, like open doors
Leading you down into my core
Where I’ve become so numb,
Without a soul
My spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back
Wake me up, wake me up inside, I can’t wake up,
Wake me up inside, save me,
Call my name and save me from the dark, wake me up
Bid my blood to run, I can’t wake up
Before I come undone, save me
Save me from the nothing I’ve become
Now that I know what I’m without
You can’t just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real, bring me
To life
Wake me up, wake me up inside I can’t wake up,
wake me up inside, save me,
call my name and save me from the dark, wake me up
Bid my blood to run, I can’t wake up
Before I come undone, save me
Save me



Dec 9th, 2016 Someone from Hyannis, MA writes:

The Fall River DCF has taken both of my grandkids from their parents,because of the parents being young adults this DCF in Fall River is putting them through hell telling them their not allowed to be together or even talk to each other.

Mike Brammer of Fall River has told the father while alone “You’ll never get your kids back” how professional is that I thought they we’re suppose to unite parents with their kids but Fall River is putting these kids with families that are incompetent,giving my granddaughter to much benadryl causing her to have a seizure,in my eyes are incompetent why isn’t the Government looking into this. Massachusetts DCF Facilities are beginning to look like a Baby Selling Factory they write down they did their home visit and months go by and they never go that’s why our children,our grandchildren are missing,hurt or worst dead. Why won’t someone do something my grandkids should be with their families not total Strangers,what do we need to do to be heard. Just because they don’t like what someone did when they were younger,or they made mistakes in their lives doesn’t give them the right to take someone’s child away from them. People like Mike Brammer should not be in charge of what happens to someone else’s child/children he is the devil incarnate and something needs to be done. My grandkids parents deserves the right to be parents they are allowed to have sex,allowed to get married,so why not allow them to be parents. They need to start waking up and listening to all of us where’s the Governor,where’s the Senator. A family member contacted the Senator the next day in the Fall River DCF office Mike Brammer took her into his office took her visits away and yelled at the top of his lungs at her she came out crying why is carp like this being overlooked. Is this the new thing with Massachusetts DCF Office’s taking children and placing them with the highest bidder, is there any newspapers,tv,radio stations,Government out their to Help us. Please this and all the other families like mine need Help.


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