Free Dylan

Free Dylan

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.– Edmund Burk

Dearest Dylan,   Please read the letter I have written to you.


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– – True Story – –

Within Our happy home sometime around September 2011, I made the decision to invest more time in Dylan and educate him privately and independently.  I taught him academics, the basics of reading, writing, mathematics, music (piano, drums, singing), spirituality, religion, language, computers, martial arts, self-awareness and more.

I was very involved and most of my time was with Dylan until 9 October 2015.

October 9th, 2015,  Dylan was robbed of his Dad, by more than one man carrying lethal force, (Public employees of Massachusetts)  who had been following us for days in what has been referred to by some law professionals as a witch-hunt; (a campaign directed against a person or group holding unorthodox or unpopular views.).

I do not consider my views as unorthodox but rather well settled and cherished.

I was locked up for five days until 15 October 2015.   No option of a phone call or option to get out.  Dylan was taken to a different place by another strange man.   He was all alone and scared and 10.   I tried to call him and his God Father immediately and was forced not too and given no opportunity too.   Not for lack of Asking.


  1. have been convicted of no crime;
  2.  Dylan was delivered to an institution of strangers and not his God Father or loved ones who are fully able to care for Dylan in my absence;

let’s review what happened,

  1.  The man or man and woman who work for a Massachusetts municipality known as Winchester, participating in a fabricated campaign to hunt me down by force for the purpose of taking Dylan;
  2. Same people did not acknowledge or recognize,  the lawfully executed court order I hold from New Hampshire from 2007 even though there is an obligation under the doctrine of Full faith and Credit to acknowledge it and restore Dylan;
  3.  Regardless of the fact that Dylan was baptized at the Saint Agnes Parish,  into the Catholic Church, and we hold baptismal certificate and claim to that from November 2005,   these same people did not restore Dylan to his God Father on New Hampshire while I was held captive and unable to be there for Dylan;
  4.  These people did not restore Dylan back to a single member of his big and loving family;  not to his God Father, Grandmother, Uncle, Mother, Aunts, or any other family member who( most) all had my permission to care for Dylan in my absents, who all do love and care so much for him and who he grew up with and he loves very much for 10 years.

These wrongdoers unlawfully gave Dylan to other strange people doing business as the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.   Who just so happen to be the same people who fabricated this witch-hunt campaign against I  to take Dylan by force for their own use and enjoyment in the fist place.  These other people kept Dylan in an institutional situation with orphans and others who they have in their possession.  Then these same people attempted to get me to agree with what they are doing.   They did all this very swiftly and very methodically as I’m going to show you here throughout this site.   First, let me let you take a glimpse into what Dylan’s life was like before  . . .

A picture is worth a thousand words.  I have thousands of pictures of ten years of care and love for Dylan.  These pictures show some of his wonderful family and friends.  All of this love and joy and Freedom has been stolen from Dylan today.  I believe that no 10-year-old should have to suffer such trauma as a result of this disgusting display of fraud.  As long as I, as a good man, allow this to happen our world will be a very sad place and there will only be evil things to come.

I made a little slide show out of some of my pictures to demonstrate a tiny sample of the love of Dylan’s beautiful family that these trespassers stole away from Dylan without cause, without a contract, with a crime committed, under the guise of protection.   Protection from who?    The people who helped create him,  love him and raised him unchallenged without question for 10 years?   

Please watch this video slide show and ask yourself if you think Dylan needs protection from his family and friends( The audio Dylan age 5 or 6 on the Piano a little sing along with some of my friends):




This gets much stranger too:

  1.  15 October 2015,  A  hearing at Cambridge Massachusetts court took place but not regarding Dylan Mabardy. 
  2.  It seems and incredible forgery has taken place by these same people;
  3.  Both Dylan’s Name and address were falsified on documents brought into a public court venue.; 
  4.  Some man or woman changed Dylan’s name and address,  Who did this?

That’s what I need your help and support to figure out!  Dylan must come home.  This may all seem very hard to believe.   I can tell you that I, having lived this now, for over a year,   still cannot believe it, but its 100% true and I have the evidence to prove that his name and address and other information all fabricated.   what I don’t know is by who . . .

For over a year all information of who did this has been kept from me in a sealed file that I have been denied access.   I have been denied access on multiple occasion and I was told that the records were impounded.

Allegedly,  public records can be impounded today.    Moreover, when I ask my questions to, would be,  public officials I get ignored. . . .,

Letter after letter, phone call after phone call and no one will answer or respond in good faith or fidelity.    Yet these same people carry on as if I am invisible and do not restore Dylan.  As if I didn’t let them know that this forgery has taken place.  All I can say is that I have never witnessed anything more absurd and disgusting than this pathetic display of poor, corrupt public service.

Some man or woman working as an agency employee changed Dylan’s name from Dylan Mabardy to a false, assumed last name before moving a case in a public court.  At the time this happened I and my family were in shock,  so overwhelmed and concerned about Dylan, we didn’t realize the vast implications falsify his name and address.  I didn’t realize it had been done until much later when I looked closely at the documents.

Please understand this:  They robbed Dylan from me and did not get my name wrong.   Still, someone changed Dylan’s name on court documents.   I thought there was suppose to be professional investigators to make sure there was no foul play or even mistakes like this made.  No, even the investigators used a false name for Dylan.   It’s in black and white on the few papers I was able to get.

Think about this:  If I went and changed your boy’s name to bring you to court to take him from you  I am almost certain I would be in Jail today for forgery.    Yet,  the unknown wrongdoer has yet to face any consequence for this action even after my multiple police reports, multiple claims, multiple contacts to numerous, would be, public officials.    I vow to see this through forever until such time as I find equal justice for Dylan and I  the people who love him who suffer this fate as well.

I can only speculate why would someone want to change my young man’s name:

  1. Take a look at this religious exemption document for vaccination i have from 2010.  If someone changes his name they don’t have to consider a document like this . . . Think about it.  Who’s named on the document?
  2.  The court order I have is from New Hampshire and has a different name on it.  YES.   Well,  since they didn’t’ use his name they had no reason to acknowledge the New Hampshire court order under the Full Faith and credit Doctrine which makes clear that one state public officials must recognize the judgments of another sister state.
  3. No one acknowledged anything or recognize anything to my knowledge.   Also, they did not consider under the doctrine of preemption  which states that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land and of course the full faith and credit doctrine falls under it;  Why would man and woman state officials have to honor a court judgement in another state if it’s not the same name.   Well,   they don’t!
  4.  After a (ambush) hearing 15 October 2015 where I required the man sitting as administrator restore Dylan.  He did not but rather put him in a foster care under a falsified name,  where he still is today over a year later.  Dylan has not seen I(his father), in all that time.   Dylan and I are not Massachusetts residents but the name and address they change his too,  are;

There was:

  1.  no emergency;
  2.  no contract, no compact, no consent;
  3.  I am convicted of no crime and do no harm to any other man or woman and no one claims I do;
  4.  no legitimate cause do exist for this wrongful action;

Yet other man or woman acting under the guise of protection are able to get away with falsifying his name and I am being blocked by a multitude of public employees to not be able to find out who did this.   Only false unverified claims by anonymous people.

March 2017 I have yet to identify exactly WHO make such claims.  Why?  I can’t get my hands on this information, it’s that simple.

All records have been conveniently for the wrongdoers,  impounded.  I have even launched an official Police investigation but that turned up no answers except more recommendation to just agree with what’s taking place.

I have acted in good faith and it was and is being treated with bad faith and now there is no alternative,   the burden of a lawsuit to bring Dylan home bringing these wrongdoers to justice and redress is mine.  The many letters and document I sent for a year to man and woman alike,  Massachusetts public officials,  almost all ignored or perverted and my demands for equal justice denied me over and over even still today.

These people still have Dylan today:

  1. He has not seen or talked to his Dad(me) in over a year;
  2. My calls are not answered,  my gifts are rejected;
  3. My letters and documents I filed and sent, ignored and perverted;
  4. My beliefs and Faith not upheld;
  5. My property not protected;
  6.  Our God given rights interfered with and trespassed upon;
  7.  Public hearings taking place unilaterally,  in my absents, without my consent;
  8.  Most key information has been deliberately kept from me;



 How did this all happen

My best guess is Dylan’s Mom inquired with a public school regarding my pre-existing religious reservations involving vaccinations.  That, along with my other requirements found here:

U.S. DOE Fact Sheet: Rights of All Children to Enroll in School.

Dylan’s mom wished for Dylan to attend Public school and she asked about my requirements in September 2015.  I don’t blame her for that. She was being true to her own desire and making an honest effort to participate.  I do applaud that idea and I don’t see how her inquiry turned into my year long nightmare and the victimizing of Dylan.   Some unknown man or woman with evil intention had to have made some kind of false claims, to change Dyan’s name to set the wheels in motion for this wrongful witch-hunt to take place.  Finally, these lies leading to the taking of Dylan Mabardy from me and his loved ones to be placed in foster care overnight.   Who is this mystery man or woman?   I am confident we will know soon and I require they be brought to justice.

Some unknown man or woman would have had to have made some kind of false claims, to change Dyan’s name to set the wheels in motion for this wrongful witch-hunt to take place.  Finally, these lies leading to the taking of Dylan Mabardy from me and his loved ones to be placed in foster care overnight.

Who is this mystery man or woman?   I am confident we will know soon and I require they be brought to justice and Dylan restored.

I can say honestly today human rights are being destroyed along with families being divided and the young being enslaved upon Massachusetts.  I hope you don’t have to experience it fist hand as i have.    If one was to look at section 2.2 of the Human Rights declaration on rights of a child they would easily identify discrimination and never mind the basic human rights which are clearly not being upheld or even considered by wrongdoers.

My aim is to bring Dylan home again where he belongs and to redress and bring the truth to light.  To find some lawful equality and accountability so justice will be done and my hope from now to forever is that no others have to suffer Dylan and I have.

There have been very few times, even as a single Dad,  that I seek the charity of others.  Even fewer times I have asked for Gods help in practical matters but I am not too proud to say please God help us.  I ask for your help too.   Honestly,  I never seen this coming and never expected I would have to come up with the resources to right this wrong after I give so much, for so long,  to embrace the gift I was given.

I am in shock for more than a year now and demoralized, flabbergasted and broken in a manner of speaking.  I deserve as does Dylan to be made whole again.  When this all happened it should have turned out far differently.   If only the people who were working at the Massachusetts Health and Human Services agency acted with good fidelity and in good faith as I did and always have but they did not and never have.   I don’t tinkI could even make up up a story like this because it’s incredible to me to have lived my life to witness this kind of wrong.

When this all happened it should have turned out far differently.   If only the people who were working at the Massachusetts Health and Human Services agency acted with good fidelity and in good faith as I did and always have but they did not and never have.   I don’t tink I could even make up up a story like this because it’s incredible to me to have lived my life to witness this kind of wrong.

If you can help I thank you so much for your kind consideration!  Any donation is truly a blessing and will bring us one step closer to getting Dylan back home where he belongs and to right this wrong.   Even if you can just mention this to bring awareness of the problem here  I would be forever grateful to you.


When this God forsaken nightmare happened to Dylan and I,  honestly,  I felt and observed and still feel this is a premeditated attack against my character by way of leveraging my only son against me.  Honestly,  I dislike using the word extortion but if it quacks like a duck… ?   Maybe I seem paranoid to you?  Not from where I’m standing,  I’m not.   When one looks at the facts it starts to make a lot more sense.  Also, to obfuscate war with the law can be known as a mixed war.  I am not going to get too far into this idea but if you have interest I suggest you look up the phrase:”Mixed War

I’m only trying to paint a picture of the truth as I have witnessed it.   I believe the law is supposed to be about equality and some may consider my viewpoint a little feminist, relatively, in its nature.   Also,  I am not an expert writer so my prose may be less than up to par and I struggle with this content anyway.  Mostly because I am highly emotional about it due to what happened and it can be challenging to communicate but I’ll do my best.  People say when you write something down you set it free.  When I write this down I’m reliving it not setting it free and that hurts me a lot.

I have no affiliation to any sovereign citizen groups or anti-government groups at all, ever.   I have learned that misinformed wrongdoers do place labels upon me that I have never laid claim too.  I find it convenient for wrongdoers to present these fictitious labels but it’s in line with their ad-hominem style of aggression against my character.

Today, post 911 world, virtually,  anyone who is interested in liberty, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility could be labeled a domestic terrorist by even hinting it will create a stereotypical classification regardless of the truth.  Luckily,  there are also some good people who work to investigate this kind of thing and  I have seen them draw proper conclusions as well.  Regardless, once someone starts to be view in this tainted light they may be subject to unprecedented, unwarranted, unlawful and unfounded attacks.   (which-hunt)

If you realize there is a massive effort around America today by some to collectivize, individual self-determining thoughts, ideas and people you may see how this can happen.  It’s like a big fishing net one may falsely get caught up in it upon it’s cast.

It was not apparent for me until months after what happened to Dylan and I,  that I learned someone was out there spinning and perverting lies and miss-truths about me.  The problem is that Police force is used before such claims are verified to be true.   The figurative idea of  SHOOT FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER comes to mind.  That’s very scary and that’s why I am addressing this now.  I do not wish to give anyone the wrong idea about myself.

Yes,  I believe there is corruption in all organization,  politics, and religion.  Sure,  who doesn’t?  Still, I have never acted unlawful, always with good faith and certainly observant of others and their rights/property and unquestionably with regard to Dylan.  I’m responsible with kind consideration for all others regardless of their profession or their beliefs.  I applaud anyone for holding conviction in their beliefs even if and especially when then are contrary to my own.  For the record, I am not part of any such hate groups and never have been.  I am not qualified to speak to whether or not such groups are good or bad but i do embrace all diversity until such time as natural boundaries are crossed.  Just to be clear:  Your rights end where mine begin.   Seem’s most would agree with that.

I used to think it was good enough just to be a good man,  I was wrong.  Today seems that creditability is interpreted as legit over actual ability.  Apparently,  false,  unverified claims stand as truth today under the guise of protecting the young.   So a single anonymous claim can ruin a good man, or woman’s name in an instant,  regardless of the truth.  Another way to say this is:  telling lies will wield governmental police force without verification of all the facts before hand.  I personally fail to see how this is sufficient operation.

My point to all this is that Dylan and I are living proof that people making false claims can create a witch-hunt and lead to robbery causing harm, injury, and loss to good innocent young people while publicly destroying a good man’s name and credibility.   Dylan and I are not alone.   As if it’s not hard enough to raise the young on my own I need and deserve this kind of thing too add to my life’s challenges.   Wow!  It’s probably just another blessing in disguise and only God knows in the end.

I look at this all as a mechanism for the transfer of property/wealth.  You see if one were to be an opportunist and or vengeful he/she could easily discredit and destroy another, regardless how many little people they hurt along the way.   I know this view is unpopular.   I’m not entering a popularity contest.   Kidnapping under color of law happens.  When I say to you:  it hurts me so much to have watch Dylan experience this disgusting, sad truth, fist hand, it’s no lie.   This is how little people experience trauma and grow up to have problems as big people in many cases and how big people suffer from tyranny, oppression, inequality, subjection and division and subrogation,  all the time.   As always,  Dylan and I require restore and redress and in that order.

As Americans we are a people who celebrate the 4th of July year after year throughout my life.  Somehow along the way we disregard the why we do and it was a war people fought and died that took place.  It’s not the war we celibate but the Independence that was won:  The Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted”

I do believe this is the only purpose and function of government.  The entire nation adopted this as their founding principle.   The last time I freely pursued happiness was 8 October 2015.   I do not cherish strange ideas as can be shown in this video below.   A well known famous man who is a Judge talks about it on TV and refers to it as the quintessential American Law.

  1. The right to be left Alone

So, did we publicly abandon self-evident truth or trade it for tyranny or both because apparently, I didn’t get the memo.


What I teach Dylan is that he is free to believe and think as he chooses when he is responsible enough to embrace the power of freedom.  Privacy is Freedom.  That he has the freedom and the right to be left alone as do we all.  That he is entitled to that and my love and influence without interference from strange people.  It seems that the public schools and social agencies have been set up and are teaching him something completely different.  Seem’s to me that today policemen and woman are also believing and practicing something different and using force to support something different as well.   Some group or someone has been working very hard to destroy our cherished beliefs and discredit our good name along with our genuine family.    They would just assume to teach the young that they are not free to be left alone.

The First Amendment prohibits government officials from compelling individuals to speak or espouse orthodox beliefs that are at odds with their conscience and values. “There is no doubt that, in connection with the pledges, a flag salute is a form of utterance.” The purpose of the First Amendment is to ensure that individuals have an individual sphere of freedom of thought and belief that the government cannot invade. “Authority here is to be controlled by public opinion, not public opinion by authority.”

The truth is:  if you knew, really knew,  the wonderful, love filled and enriched life I alway give to Dylan and all through his life, you would also come up with the word impossible or maybe unthinkable or wrong or evil.   You would also realize why I cannot allow this to happen and why i have to stand up for what’s right.

Today,  I am traumatized, broken and in shock for a long time.  Admittedly, I feel like my trauma is inconsequential because to me Dylan is the real victim of this matter.  He’s just a little innocent 10-year-old young man caught up in this disgusting racket of perversion and plunder.  Just an innocent little boy stripped from his big loving family and having his childhood ripped away from him without legitimate cause.   I have empathy and a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves starting with Dylan.    As God as my witness that is what I am going to do.

We live upon New Hampshire but the people of New Hampshire never gave me a problem about Dylan for 10 years.  10 years my privacy respected and unchallenged, there was never a reason to challenge it.   I chose to raise him privately and independently.


One would think that I would have been surprised when I learned that,  upwards in the thousands of local people from Massachusetts have been petitioning the United States Congress saying that DCF Massachusetts is ruining families.   I am not surprised but rather I feel acknowledge.   Here is a link just in case you wish to sign a petition.

Seems to me that if there was not some real truth the statement: “DCF Massachusetts is Ruining families”,  such petitions of thousands of local people would not have been signed.   Reasonably, it does not add up.


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